CREM’s mission is to promote the conservation and sensible use of our scarce and depleting energy resources. To promote this aim, CREM specialises in providing information through education, assessments and consultancy on the efficient use of energy in our everyday lives through the services is provides.

CREM Ltd will carry out BER Assessments on your property and advise you on how to improve your Building Energy Rating.
CREM will also carry out Renewable Energy evaluations as required under the Energy Performance of Building Regulations (EPBR) for all buildings over 1000 m2.


CREM will also carry out Quality, Environmental and Energy Management audits as well as carbon footprint evaluations. Such audits will assist in the Conservation of resources and help clients improve profitability by reducing its waste and energy costs. Carbon footprint evaluations will assess the impact of possible carbon taxation legislation and propose solutions for reducing those liabilities. The company can carry out these services on a domestic, commercial and industrial scale.